Anglic Union

“Not really, no,” he answered.  “The Space Guard components, in which I assume you are interested since you haven’t said yet, are now in the process of being prepared, at least some of them. If someone wants titanium hull plates, it’s going to take a while, because first we have to clear up the large-scale metal purification systems, then the metalworking facilities, then the computer system that runs things, and eventually we can turn out hull plates.  Until we finish paying off the outside debtors, which is going to take quite a while, we can’t afford to hire the staff we need to do that.”  

“Victor, while I appreciate what you are doing, and the Union will be most grateful for your efforts, I am calling for a completely different reason.” She paused for dramatic effect. “This relates to the Union Technical College. We’ve identified what appear to be the problem. The situation is a complete mess. The college needs a new head man, and much of a new staff.”  

“I have been following the hearings,” Victor said, “and I have somewhat wondered if you need a new head man or a new headsman, someone with, figuratively speaking, a nice sharp axe.”  

“It was one of my ancestors who collected halberds,” she said. “But I understand your sentiment.”  

“If you want, I can give some thought to the matter,” Victor said. “There are number of people I know who might be suitable choices. I’m not sure which of them are available.”  

“Victor, I had a slightly different thought in mind,” Elektra said quietly. “The appointment of a new head man, the actual title is Chancellor, has been discussed internally by the Senate. The difficulty is the Popular Democrats won’t accept someone to my party’s right, the Union Democrats won’t accept a Social Democratic or Radical candidate, and my own party doesn’t actually have anyone prominent who would be suitable.  There was some agreement that after a period of time, assuming the person does a good job, we would want the person to advance from being Chancellor of the Technical College being Chancellor of the National Technical University that we are actually committed to funding, assuming enough faculty can be found.”  

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