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“There are also several student government reports,” Martina said, “very detailed, and by rumor a faculty minority report giving other details.”  

“Of course,” Adams said, “we cannot tell you what to do about this, because the Constitution is extremely clear on this point, but we can investigate whether our money is being spent honestly and effectively, leading to recommendations as to whether the next budget should or should not be approved. There is considerable discussion that the answer should be in the negative, though first we would have hearings. However, this would lead to great disturbances politically, so we would prefer to know if you have plans to deal with the matter.”  

“As it happens,” Elektra said, “I’m quite aware of this issue, which has been discussed quietly in the Senate.  You asked about the faculty minority report. That stack of paper on the side table is copies of it.  You said student government reports, but unfortunately I was only aware of one of them. I propose we trade reports because there may be a considerable number out there. As it happens though, the Senate has found out about the issue, and is preparing to take definitive action. I’d rather skip technical details of any plans for our hearings, so that the mice may be caught without a bolthole in sight, however I can say…”

Victor Chelan, Elektra DeWitt Calling

  “Victor,” Mabel Brixton called over the intercom, “you have a call from Elektra Dewitt, on your special line.”  

“Very well,” Victor said, “pass her through.” Now what the might the issue be, he wondered? There didn’t seem to be anything unusual or unpleasant happening in New Washington.  The  hearings on the technical college were receiving a great deal of spectacular coverage, but everything seemed to be going well for her.  

“Victor?” Elektra’s voice had its familiar Scottish burr.  

“Indeed, I am, Elektra. I hope you and yours are well?”  

“Everyone here on the side of good is well,” Elektra said. “To judge from the noise, the blood pressure of the Social Democratic Party Leader is setting medical records.  I have a specific problem for which you are the obvious solution. That’s only if you are agreeable, since this is not something that someone who is not agreeable could be asked to do. Not if you wanted a good outcome, anyhow.”  

“You have my full attention,” Victor said slowly. “After all, we are advancing with the works, we did discover a very large area full of equipment for making starship parts, because Bulger had assembled the resources to build spaceships and simply assumed that he could then obtain the needed patent rights. Indeed, I am more here to hold hands than anything else, because the issues at hand are more engineering than aspects of my professional competence.”  

“Is it really a full-time job for you then?” She asked.  

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