My Current Novels — January 2021

Covers for my current novels, including
Against Three Lands, Eclipse-The Girl Who Saved the World, Airy Castles All Ablaze, Minutegirls, Mistress of the Waves, and The One World.

All books available from
and Third Millennium

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Rearranged sections between Stand Against the Light and Of Breaking Waves. Wrote 700 words. These are Eclipse 3 and Eclipse 4, now at 98600 and 30500 words, respectively. There is light visible on Eclipse 3, and I don’t think it is a railroad train coming down the tunnel. Perhaps made some progress on the wordpress install.

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Stand Against the Light is getting a read from the front to the point where more writing is needed. The end section is actually in good shape.

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1/6/2021 — There’s a Series here

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Slight progress — 600 words — on Anglic Union. Back to work on Eclipse 3 tomorrow.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to All!

For this year, progress is being made on:

Stand Against the Light (Eclipse 3)

Of Breaking Waves (Eclipse 4)

Anglic Union Astrographic Service

The Merchant Adventurers

Of these, Eclipse 3 and 4 interleave a bit, in that the end of Eclipse 3 happens after the beginning of Eclipse 4, so I get to work on both of them. Not quite at the end of Eclipse 3, she suffers the inconvenience of dying, but she is backby the end of the book. (That’s an antispoiler. I conclude that readers would prefer to keep reading if they know in advance that she avoids certain negative medical issues, such as having her body turned to incandescent plasma.) (Yes, I loaded a shotgun way back at the start of book 1: Eclipse-The Girl Who Saved the World.)

I recently became President of AHIKS, the Avalon Hill International Kriegspiel Society. I have been busy getting some changes made, but that is slowing down.

This weekend I also have a different writing/editing effort, namely generating an issue of Tightbeam (N3F Zine, founded 1959).

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Progress on Stand Against the Light

Indeed, I am now up to 82,000 or so words, added 1700 words today, and am finding plot pieces at a reasonable rate. It took a while to get going, but is now doing much better.

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Writing progress

Eclipse volume 3 is rolling ahead. I may pick up the writing pace, but at a guess it will be finished in February.

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The 99 cent holiday sale

The Amazing Holiday Book Sale, all 99 cents or less. Includes Mistress of the Waves and Eclipse-The Girl Who Saved the World.

Now at

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Against Three Lands — a Geographic Fantasy Tale

Looking back, my novel Against Three Lands is set in someplace that is not medieval Japan, neighboring someplace that is decidedly not medieval China, which faces invasion from folks who are not Scotsmen or Frenchmen. Not quite, anyhow.

The tale includes desperate hand-to-hand combat, romance, land battles, a naval battle, fireships, siege warfare, and great attention to the important matters of commerce, logistics, and supply.

Clan MacDonald is surrounded by enemies. Clan Gunn wants its lands. Mysterious pirates assail its shores. The All-Conquering Generalissimo suspects it of treason. Foreign trade is interrupted by barbarian invasions — or are they blue-skinned demons?

Angus Valentine Macdonald, seventh child of the One MacDonald, must travel to remote Mercia, where he must defeat the treachery of the Lunarian Empire, the corruption of the Langwadooran invaders, and the rapacious greed of the alien Trell to protect his homeland and win the hand of his lady-love.

Chris Nuttall writes: “I’ve known George Phillies online long enough to know that he is good at creating new and different universes. Mistress of the Waves features a world that is, in many ways, a work of art; a world governed by a system that subtly limits the technology available to its inhabitants in a manner that does not provoke resistance or outright rebellion. The One World features a female-dominated society that seems plausible; Minutegirls crafts a world shaped by high-technology and the long-term effects of a devastating war. In truth, George deserves to be known far better than he is.”

Authors’ aside: Against Three Lands is a tale of geographic alternative fiction, set on a world – The World of a Thousand Isles – broken into vast numbers of moderately large islands. Readers will recognize the extant technology as that found on earth in the early 17th century. There are gunpowder weapons, but they are not yet battle-winners on land. Unlike my novel The One World, you will search in vain for the magicians with their spark gap-coherer radios, and the accountants and their Babbage machines. The cultural settings of the Hundred Isles, Mercia, and their foreign visitors, are lifted from settings found on our world. I have quite deliberately interchanged lists of names, so, no, the Hundred Islers are not Scotsmen in disguise, and the Mercians and their Empire of the Stars are certainly not the Spanish Empire on which the sun never set.

Now available from Smashwords, Third Millennium, and Amazon

Available ebook formats: epub mobi pdf lrf pdb txt html

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