October 16, 2020

Stand Against the Light spent some time being refractory, but I’ve overcome that obstacle. The manuscript is currently at 70,000 or so words, so it is perhaps half-done. It might be finished by the end of the year. I also made some progress on the physics paper, which will need very careful wording because it is quite radical in some ways.

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Kidnapped! — an Adara Tale

Kidnapped! has been sent off to Fantastic Schools as a Submission for their Volume 3.

Progress was made on the literature search for a technical paper “An Alternative to Quantum Gravity’

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September 10, 2020 — New Writing Sequence

I decided I will finish Eclipse novels 3 and 4 before I finish Practical Exercise and Academician, the Adara Triskittenion background novels. There are 80,000 words of Eclipse 3 — Stand Against the Light — available, so it will finish sooner.
In addition, the two Adara novels are mostly about university life at a legitimate academic institution, not about combat, so some readers will find segments of them to be painfully boring.

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Current Status September 7, 2020

Practical Exercise is up to 50,000 words, round number.
Tales of the Anglic Union Astrographic Service is up to 30,000 words.
The Merchant Adventurers is up to 49,000 words.

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August 20, 2020

I have shifted over to working on the first Adara’s Tale novel Practical Exercise. I just passed 38,000 words, so the book is likely about a quarter of the way to completion. The volume could be said to be ‘student at a magical academy’, but there is almost no similarity between Dorrance Academy and various well-known recent examples. Dorrance more closely resembles an American upper-class and graduate school, with a focus on STEM-equivalent majors.

However, here is the cover to Practical Exercise, by the immortal Brad Fraunfelter.

I just finished a year and a half of work to finish Physics One and get about 70,000 LaTeX words into my review volume on computer simulations of polymer dynamics. At the moment I am shifting gears from writing physics in LaTeX to writing fiction.

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Physics One is for Sale

The $19.99 freshman mechanics text.

About the Cover

The two gentlemen on the cover are Isaac Newton (1642-1746) and Josiah Willard Gibbs (1839-1903), the two greatest scientific geniuses of the Second Millennium.

Isaac Newton, Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, created the differential calculus, Newtonian mechanics, and explained the motions of the planets, as revealed in his book Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica. He made major contributions to our understanding of light, color, and the motion of fluids, and made other substantial contributions to mathematics. His attempts to reform our understanding of classical alchemy were less successful; his studies of biblical chronology and theology he wisely left unpublished.

Josiah Willard Gibbs, Professor of Mathematical Physics at Yale University, was a quiet, private man, who left behind few records for erstwhile bibliographers. We may contrast with Newton, whose manuscript writings total perhaps ten million words. Gibbs took the laws of thermodynamics that governed steam engines, and wrote down in one vast two-part paper of 300 pages and 700 equations much of modern chemical thermodynamics. He then created modern vector calculus. A series of his papers on physical optics showed that those phenomena were explained by Maxwell’s equations, validating Maxwell’s theory of electrodynamics. Langley consulted with him on aircraft design. Finally, his 1902 volume Elementary Principles in Statistical Mechanics set down from first principles the science of statistical mechanics in its modern classical form.

This the Alpha Edition of Physics One. While considerable effort has been invested in eliminating typographic errors, incorrect historical observations, and the like, one of the reasons this book costs \$20 or so rather than \$300 is that I am not backed by a huge staff of proofreaders, editors, etc. Errors doubtless remain. If you find any, please advise at phillies@4liberty.net. I anticipate by and by releasing a Beta edition, hopefully with fewer errors.

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Physics One in Prepublication

Physics One, The Alpha Edition, is now being reviewed by Amazon for publication. They do a pass-through, then I get the paper galley proofs, and soon thereafter the book is published.

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Physics One

The more or less final proofreading pass has been completed. The corrections have to be entered and checked, formatting issues need to be adjusted, and then formatting for Amazon Paperback publication needs to be fixed. Sometime next month the book will be out.

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Cover to “Academician”

Academic Warfare — like the other kind, only deadlier.
The young lady is Adara Triskittenion. The novel is the sequel to “Practical Exercise”, also now being written.  It will be a while before these are finished.  Cover by Brad Fraunfelter.

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Status of Writing Projects

I retired to write and am writing.

First, two of my books are on sale:
Mistress of the Waves — now $1.00 amazon.com/dp/B008J4NLWI
Designing Wargames – Introduction — now $1.50

Then the writing projects:

Physics One Last week I finished a pass through the physics text adding the footnotes and other moderate corrections. I have now started the final proofreading pass. In the last three months I have also added 30,000 words to some of the novels I have been working on.

I have had the thought of taking the novel fragments and publishing many of them as a short story collection “Distant Worlds Seen from Afar”.

The current summary (July is July 15, 2020)

Physics books: The physics text is at 420 pages in LaTeX Book/8.5×11″ page format. That’s 270,400 LaTeX words + 175 or so figures — It needs one more proofreading pass, at least. I started writing in mid-September 2019. If a figure is a thousand words, that’s 475,000 words in ten months.

Writing review article in my technical area 80,000 LaTeX words–no change


The Eclipse series

The short story I sold to Chris Nuttall and Jagi Lamplighter for Fantastic Schools Volume 1 has been published.

Changes over the past three months:

Practical Exercise (Adara’s Tale) and Academician (Adara Volume 2) are jointly at 29135+33760 = 62900 words, a gain of 10,600 words

Indian Summer now at 23385 words, a gain of 16,485 words

Merchant Adventurers: Now at 43795 words, a gain of 3000 words.

No change in the following:

Stand against the Light is at 80,792 words Eclipse smites another doom or dies trying.

Of Breaking Waves is at 38,000 words Against Eclipse, even Death may die.

Invasion Now 7300 words

Invasion Tibet (so to speak Buck Rogers prequel) Now at 39,200 words

Invasion Now at 7643 words Aliens vs. Sci-Fi Writer Gun Fanatics

The Eddorian Lensman total 15686 words (serial numbers to be filed off) space opera

DisUnion total 15,834 words (after partition of US; NH/VT capture a flying saucer)

Hold High The Banner total 6121 words (ChiComm platoon of 1940 enters not-D&D world, launches liberation struggle for the exploited small giant class species)

No Tears for a Princess total 88, 647 words classic fantasy with swords and magicians

The Gathering Storm 7000 words Remote Sequel to Mistress of the Waves.

sequel to Against Three Lands 10775 words, No change
sequel to Minutegirls 172 words
sequel to Mistress of the Waves
sequel to The One World.

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