August 26

Wrote (and transcribed from a short story) 2000 words of Adara: Practical Exercise.

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Practical Exercise

The next book in the Eclipse series will be about the Timeless One Adara. We have mostly seen her at a distance. Practical Exercise will follow her through the first two or three years of her stay at Dorrance Academy, a magical school far better run than magical schools in many other places. I am currently closing on 60,000 words.

Stand Against the Light is selling, but it would be nice if some of you did reviews of it for Smashwords or Amazon.

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Stand Against the Light

Now available in paperback from Amazon for $17.99. 123,000 words, plus sample chapters from Against Three Lands and Minutegirls.

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Stand Against the Light

The process of publishing the paperback of Stand Against the Light has been launched, including a full cover by the great Brad Fraunfelter.

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New Novel Advancing

I am making progress slowly on Practical Exercise, the next book in the Eclipse cycle. Eclipse is not there. Actually she has not been born yet, by a very large number of years. I am at the moment closing on 60,000 words, so figure 1/3 done. The interrupt almost done was revisions asked by referees on a physics paper. I also start working on the next polymer book.

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Big Review of Stand Against the Light

No, I did not pay her for the review!

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Eclipse — on sale for July

Yes, Eclipse — the Girl Who Saved the World is now for sale for 99 cents on Amazon and Smashwords.

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Presale now! Stand Against the Light!

Now available presale on Smashwords — ebook for $3.99.

The sequel to Eclipse-The Girl Who Saved the World and Airy Castles All Ablaze.

The omniscient Wizard of Mars warned: Two Dooms fast approach.

Send the five champions I chose — Eclipse, Comet, Aurora, Star, and Cloud — or die.

Five tween superheroes, sent across the universe to save the world.Now they’re on our Earth, not knowing what the Dooms are, let alone how to stop them

.Eclipse: World’s greatest tween superhero. World’s most terrifying tween supervillain .Opinions differ.

She’s twelve. She’s hardworking, bright, self-reliant, good with tools, vigorously physically fit, tough as nails, still young enough to disguise herself as a boy. Since arriving she’s only blown up one mountain range.

Comet — Trisha Anson is not quite a year older than Eclipse. She’s friendly, considerate, really good in school, athletic, does more than her share around the house. She has superspeed…an hour of housework in a minute. She flies, including across the universe in a long day. Trisha’s brother and sister are personas, too.

Year-younger sister Janie is a budding world chess and go champion. As the persona Aurora, she reads minds, sees distant events, and kills with a glance.

Janie’s twin brother Brian builds fantastic models from scratch. As the persona Star, he has a nearly unbreakable force field and summons plasma beams that cut battleships in half.

The enigmatic Cloud was given his superpowers by the Screaming Skull himself. He summons lightning, titanic winds, and all-obscuring fog. Stand Against the Light offers superhero combat, invincible star demons, alien invasions, and political conspiracy.

Available ebook formats: epub mobi pdf lrf pdb txt html

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Stand Against the Light — PreSale Soon

Stand Against the Light has been submitted to SmashWords and Amazon kindle for ebook presale. It will sell for $3.99.

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Stand Against the Light is Approximately Finished

I eventually need the back cover blurb for the paperback, and need to proofread again one chapter I rewrote from first person to third. The final step is formatting for Smashwords and for Amazon, but that is formatting, not writing.

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