Anglic Union

Jacob Fenstermacher leaned back into one of the luxurious armchairs in a private dining room of the Pueblo Grand Restaurant.   It had been remarkably easy to set up this meeting with a half-dozen senior NRP members, especially when he  had hinted that  generous campaign donations would move him and his followers into opposition to the no-confidence motion.  It was truly amazing that they had believed his line.  The National Renaissance Party was clearly shell-shocked by today’s revelations, its leaders not yet thinking clearly. 

“So I assure you, Gary,” Fenstermacher said, “that the Independent Union Party’s bitter divisions continue to this day.  Why, Elektra didn’t even bother to ask her Executive Committee before making her no-confidence motion.  If there is the slightest hint of resistance on the part of National Renaissance, our resolve will crumble.”

“That would help a great deal,” Gary Untermontanus answered.  “If that motion is defeated, then on this bribery issue we can say we had no idea what Drummond-McLaren was doing.  That lets us keep our hold on the government, at which point our good friends, such as yourself if your faction comes over to us, could be well regarded, including a senior cabinet position for you.”

“A fine idea,” Fenstermacher said.  “A fine idea.  Of course, you don’t know precisely which chairs will open, but Elektra is about to solve that issue for you. “

“Yes?” Rolly Terwilliger said innocently.  “What will that…person…be doing to help us, that two-faced back-stabber?”

“I am told that the First Minister, in dispersing his largess, kept careful records of who got how much,” Fenstermacher said.  “I have not seen those records.  I find it difficult to believe, except that in one case I have seen a  record, he made sure he had proof that the recipient knew the source of the funds.  The case, as it happens, is our ambassador on Mogado.”

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