Anglic Union

“Fellow Senators and Lords,” Elektra began. “We live in interesting times. My predecessor, God rest his soul, persuaded our Party last year that our best choice was to join in a coalition with the Nerps. We did indeed get some Ministerial positions. The laws we had been promised have been slow to materialize. In fact, they have not materialized at all. Drummond-McLaren …” — she was interrupted by boos — “…Drummond-McLaren did steer some of his legal donors in our direction, though Thank God so far as we have discovered none of his illegal slush fund money. However, it’s now clear we got a crooked deal. Drummond-McLaren was preparing to betray not only our party but the entire Union.

“I would ask that shadow Ministers start looking carefully,” she continued, “if you have not already, at who we propose for each subcabinet slot. Please do not tell anyone that they were identified. We need to bargain with the other former opposition parties, and they doubtless want a share of the spoils. We may need to yield up a few cabinet slots, however painful that is.”

“But not First Minister!” Michael O’Raffertaigh shouted. “That is yours by right via trial by combat.” The assembly cheered.

“That remains to be seen. I expect there will be still other surprises, but don’t know what they are,” Elektra continued. “Oh, Joseph, after all this is over, if I might have a private word with you…all positive given your wonderful press releases?”


Jacob Fenstermacher leaned back into one of the luxurious armchairs in a private dining room of the Pueblo Grand Restaurante

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