Anglic Union

Speaker D’Angelo, wearing his snow-white frock coat and trousers, emerged from a hidden door and climbed the stairs to his pulpit.  From there he could look down across the rows of seats that stretched from front to rear of the Hall. 

“Please be seated,” D’Angelo said.  “We are in a pro forma morning session in preparation for the  debate on a motion of no confidence in the First Minister and his government. By custom, our sole order of business  is to inquire of the maker of the motion if she is prepared to submit by noon today her responders to Cecil Drummond-McLaren’s rebuttal of her charges.”

“Mister Speaker!  I rise to a point of order.”  Elektra deWitt’s voice rang across the Chamber.

“Rise and state your point,” D’Angelo answered.  He could read the faces in his small audience. Drummond-McLaren appeared baffled.  As it registered that D’Angelo was not surprised that a point of order was being made, there were surprised looks across the chamber. 

“Mister Speaker, it is in order at this time with my agreement for a member to offer an Independent Addendum to the list of charges,” DeWitt answered.

“You are absolutely correct,” D’Angelo answered.  “How could I have forgotten?  I most humbly apologize.  Do you in fact have such a person?”

Elektra wondered if anyone believed his denial.  “Indeed I do,” she answered.  She pointed. The two very tall Senators standing next to her stepped left and right, revealing Victor Aston Hughes. The chamber became noisy.

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