Anglic Union

Loud boos interrupted Parlegrecco. He waited patiently for the Speaker to bring order.

“I did not say I believe that Drummond-McLaren was right, but every man deserves a defense, and that is the best defense I could come up with.  For the financial transactions, I apologize to this house, but cannot imagine a defense.” Parlegrecco sat down.  To his surprise,  there was now loud applause from the opposition benches.

The Speaker pointed at Elektra DeWitt.  “Concluding words?  Member DeWitt?”

“We should all be grateful to Senator Parlegrecco for his defense of the First Speaker,” DeWitt answered.  “Every man does deserve a defense.  That defense was a feeble reed indeed, but the best that I can imagine.  Nonethless, the financial transactions and acknowledging letters speak for themselves.”

“The First Keeper of Records will call the roll,” D’Angelo said.  He leaned back in his well-padded seat.  This, he thought, would take a while.

An interminable time and long series of names later, the First Keeper spoke.  “Mister Speaker?  The vote is 637 in favor of No Confidence, one opposed.”

“I remind the body that Senator Parlegrecco,” D’Angelo said, “as lead speaker for the defense, is legally obliged to vote against.  The motion of No Confidence passes.  In the absence of government ministers, none being present, I am to ask the leader of the largest remaining party to assume the role of Interim First Speaker  and organize a caretaker government until we decide our next steps.  Based on my conversations over various fine traditional national beverages, I think it is unclear how many members the National Renaissance Party presently has on these benches.   The National Renaissance Party members I did speak to were unanimous on one thing: they would not support a vote of confidence for their own party.  Unless there is objection, I propose that Senator DeWitt as leader of what may be the largest party assume the role of interim First Speaker.    If there is objection we can have a vote.  Is there an objection?” He waited.  “Hearing none, I ask Senator DeWitt and her Party to advance to the governmental benches, those who wish to oppose advance to the opposition, and suggest that we recess for two days unless an interim government is formed sooner.  Senator DeWitt, what say you?”

DeWitt crossed the center to the First Speaker’s rostrum.  “Mister Speaker, by your invitation, as is my duty, I assume this role.  God save the Union!”

“God save the Union!” came answering shouts.

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