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Of Breaking Waves

This bit is out of sequence with the rest Michael Poniatowski marched up the stairs for the playing field to Biochemistry Hall parking lot.  He told himself he’d been really lucky to find a cheap apartment this close to campus, … Continue reading

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Of Breaking Waves

“For Astrid, the Silver General, the answer to that question, and the price for the answer, were the same.” Morgana shook her head.  “The answer? The Silver General was to bear a child.  A daughter.  The child was to have … Continue reading

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Of Breaking Waves

“Hello. Today I’m Professor Morgana Lafayette,” she announced.  “The Speaker asked me to drop by to talk.  He didn’t say it had to be today, but the hint was clear.  Is he free? Is there a best  time?” “Yes, ma’am.  … Continue reading

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