Anglic Union

“Understood.  Is there a schedule here?” Hughes asked.

“We’re still at the ‘uncovering problems’ stage,” Chelan answered, “though there is a piece of finances that your committee may find of interest to uncover.  And if you happen to be the Senator to notice, it will look well for you, no matter what happens to your party.”

“And this will cost me?” Hughes said.

“Things I hope you support anyhow, but now may in your conscience blame on me,” Chelan responded.  “First, you will agree, especially given our Elizavetsian contracts, that you will oppose invoking the Defense Mobilization Act, which likely will not help anyone.”  Hughes nodded.  “Second, you will propose – may not be funded – that the Space Guard needs a graving dock that it can use – mine is the wrong shape – and putting it near our spaceyard makes sense, because we’re the only source of parts.  Not to mention that a lot of our equipment was imported from the Republic – not clear how Bulger funded it – duplicating it with Anglic Union manufacturing facilities will not happen immediately.  At some future point, we may be prepared to buy those docks, with Space Guard having priority on their use.”  Hughes nodded again. “Third, we really need a Federal Technical University.  Or several of them, except I doubt we have the people to staff it.”

“I can propose funding, especially now that Drummond-McLaren’s plots are uncovered.” Hughes smiled.  “No promise on whether or not it will pass.”

“I have favors I can call in, in support,” Chelan said.  “Fourth and last, as you will be pressed to install here a ‘technical liason’ to report to your committee and the Space Guard, I want someone who will understand exactly what we are doing, and can participate in it.”

“I suppose you have a name for this person?” Hughes said.  “So far, you’ve only asked me to do things that I want to do anyhow.”

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