Anglic Union

“We had an employee PAC.  The corporation supplied the PAC’s auditor, one might cynically imagine so that the former owners could be sure they were not getting stiffed someplace. The auditor received the mailings from the Drummond-McLaren campaign fund, so she could confirm the money had gone where it was supposed to.  However, someone at Drummond-McLaren Headquarters accidently mailed back to her, rather than to Rothham directly, an acknowledgement that they had received this very large sum of money from two banks outside the Anglic Union, and that the agreed-upon fraction had gone to Dewey and Rothham.  That very large sum matches a payment from the mystery customer.”

“We’ll need to procure bank records,” Hughes answered.  “But I will not be surprised if they lead back to the Stellar Republic supporting Cedric.”

“When Bulger went broke,” Chelan said, “its financial records became a matter of public record.  They are with the Chancery Court filings in Oregon.  So are the matching bank records.  The paper memos are being digitized.  Actually most of them have been digitized.”

“I think I am paid in full,” Hughes said, “And then some. I look forward to receiving the letter, and will work vigorously as you requested. It has been a pleasure talking to you.”

“And you also,” Chelan answered.   He closed the call and tapped the intercom.  “Mrs. Brixton, would you please find or contact Pamela Davis, Charles Smith, and Elaine Bell for me?  We need to talk.”

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