Anglic Union

“In that case,” Chelan said, “thank your for your remarkably generous offer.  Only a fool would foreclose accepting such a proposal on drive cores and fusactors, let alone on the consultancies, so I shall not do so.”

“And thank you for your excellent guided tour of your very interesting spaceship.”  Tzoltzin put his hands actross his chest, fingers downward, marking a polite end to the discussion.  Followed by his Adjutant, he returned to his air car.

Legate Bronkowski on Building Spaceships

Tara Broadbent leaned  back in her desk chair.  She had had her desk rotated through 180 degrees, so it now faced the coastline looking north, rather than facing her door.  The change also meant she had the sun at her side, not in her face, as it dipped into the Pacific. Today was a dreary late Fall day, with high but dark clouds promising heavy rain in the late evening.  She poked her autobrewer, setting it to making another large cup of tea.

One of the Seldon Legionaires who occasionally guarded her commented on her increased assassination hazard.  She had her back to the door.   He’d been unable to explain why ‘idiot walking up corridor’ was more likely than ‘missile flying through window’, and dropped the matter. 

Her intercom chimed.  “Broadbent here,” she said.

“Ms. Broadbent?” Mable’s voice came through loud and clear.  “There is a call.  Republic Legate Bronkowski.  He wanted to talk to Doctor Chelan, but I told him legal calls all went to you, and you were both on the Governing Committee.”

“Just a moment.”  Tara pushed her desk documents to the rear of the desk, out of line of site of the screen camera.  “Ready.”

Bronkowski’s frowning face appeared on her vidscreen.  “Legate Bronkowski,” she said.  “How nice to see you again.  I hope the weather in Anglic Center is treating you well?”

“Good morning, counselor.  The weather is indeed well.  The view here is doubtless less attractive than yours. I am calling on official business,” Bronkowski announced.  “On behalf of the Stellar Republic, I must raise with Bulger Space yards certain legal issues.  I expect to speak to Doctor Chelan, not be fobbed off on an assistant.”

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