Anglic Union

A Peaceful Academic Environment

Victor Chelan’s aircar overflew the Federal Technical College and began its final approach to the parking area near Chancellor’s Hall.  Ahead of him, another, larger air car filled with his Seldon Legion bodyguards had already landed, the bodyguards deploying in a ring around the area where he would set foot.

“Compliments of Group Leader Conti,” Pamela Davis said, “and he has secured the landing zone. He reports, however, that Chancellor’s Hall has been occupied by protesting faculty and students, and asked what he wants done about it.”

“Occupied?” Chelan said. “How positively twentieth-century of them.  I wonder where they came up with that idea.  Has anyone notified the local authorities yet? This appears to be a case for the constabulary.”

Pamela spoken to her throat mike, then waited for an answer.

“Conti,” Pamela said, “reports that the College was built on unorganized land, so the local jurisdiction is Federal, not state or local, but he can phone up the local sheriff without giving him any problems.”

“Do we know why they’re doing this? Do we know what they want?” Chelan asked.

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