Anglic Union

“Indeed you do,” Elektra answered.  “In  fact, I asked the Suupreme Judicial Court for an enforcement injunction, which they have already granted.”  

“Binding?” Victor’s answer did not make it sound like a question.  “Bless their hearts.  What a shame. I’m heartbroken.  Of course, at some point you lose so many people that operations are disrupted, so some caution is needed.  Are you able to identify the opposition, the people who gave you the minority report?”  

“As it turns out,” Elektra answered, “that question appears to have been answered by the current administration, which tried to fire or reduce the pay of the people who they thought were minority report supporters.  NTC contracts, while fixed-term, are rock-solid, so the ‘tried to fire’ led to court action.  The injunction reveals who-all the administration didn’t like.”  

“I see I am called upon to play a new role in life.”  Victor stared out his window.  “The waves are expecially beautiful today.  I am agreeable, but I have two key requests, and perhaps others.”  

“Yes?” she asked.  

“One day a week, me taking care of Bulger.” he said.  “Note that the bondholders will go through the roof if I can’t deal with emergencies here, no matter when they occur.  Each of the supporting Senate Parties to appoint someone trusted to act as an anadvocate on my thinking, a weekly meeting via video conferencing at the minimum, to tell me my mistakes. Martina Gooddale and Grace Jones come immediately to mind.”  

“Martina can be picky,” Elektra said.  

“That’s why I want her.  So long as the anadvocates understand that they are advisors, and that their criticisms will be heard, that should not be an issue,” Victor answered.  “Oh, I hypothesize that there is a reasonable salary, which I will limit to covering my expenses.”  

“The current salary is…” She put a number up on the screen.  

“That’s insane.  How did the Senate agree to something so idiotically huge.?” he asked.

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