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“The minority authors had those tenure threats,” Glorious Day said. “I don’t want to cost people their jobs.”  

“People who threaten our subpoenaed witnesses,” Elektra said, “will face severe legal consequences.   I piously hope educated people all know this. In this case, since it’s in major national security issue, there may also be more severe complications for anyone who does that.”  

“Then bring in the students,” Michael said, “one of whom can be prompted to bring up the minority report.  The student report was actually very well thought out, but will need some non-NTC experts to vet it for points that the students missed or failed to understand.  Then summon the minority report authors. Mind you, the industrial complaints were sufficiently specific about what had gone wrong at FTC that we need to be casting about for a new Chancellor for FTC, who could also be the nominal new Chancellor for FTU, so that when it becomes obvious that the situation is unacceptable we can appoint the person.”  

“Technical experts,” Glorious Day said.  “We need outside experts to review the student and minority report, people we can trust.”  

“Curiously,” Elektra said, “Friedrich Terhorst loaded up his party with engineering types.  And Grace Jones is still a prominent mathematician.  Neither of their parties is terribly friendly to us, but both of them want a record of doing good things.  They both have members who can do this, and can suggest other names.  We need some of our people on this, too.”  

“This would be an official select committee?” Michael asked.  “Lots of politicking needed to do that.”  

“I was thinking,” Elektra said, “of politely asking individuals to look at pieces of the student report to see if there are holes in it.”  

“Those industrial groups will also help,” Michael said.  “Those letters we saw look coordinated.”  

“This will revive the old multiple colleges argument,” Glorious Day said.  “If we had multiple independent technical colleges, instead of NTC beating the drum for others marches.”  

“Fortunately,” Elektra said, “I know just the person to be appointed Chancellor, and clean house, assuming he is agreeable.  But I should say no more until I have asked, and probably I should not ask until the hearings are well underway.”

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