More Litigation

“Do you have a read on the Chancery Court?” Chelan asked.

“They didn’t go to Chancery, “ a frustrated Tara grumbled.  “They went to Union Court of Settlements, to be tried under English Law.  Chancery might override them, but that only refers to sales in Oregon, of which there will be few.”

“Sales outside the Union?”  Chelan asked. 

“Not covered,” Tara answered. “The treaty with the Republic guarantees Union citizens cannot be forbidden from selling goods to the Republic, subject to Republic laws, such as the ones the Union Senate and Lords recently discovered.  And there aren’t a lot of other countries left on Earth at this point.”

“We’ll have to keep the rare earths for ouselves, then,” Chelan said.  “It will be a shame when we explain to the cartel that we can’t sell them any replacement parts.  The Space Guard, of course, gets to ignore that order, I believe.  Check that.”

“And once we accept a High Court of Law permanent restraining order, it can’t be made to go away without our assent,” Tara observed.

“Check that we can still sell to the Elizavetsians,” Chelan added.  “They pay well.”

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