Anglic Union

“Strong objection?”  Elektra asked.  “I know of no objection.  By the way, did you know that in his part of the Union by custom the Speaker gets to run unopposed in each election.”

“What an interesting observation.”  Ariel D’Angelo winked.

He had not, Elektra thought, denied her claim.   He surely knew.   “By all means,” she said, “and I will see that you are saved two lamb chops.”

“I may need a few minutes,”  Ariel observed, “for the public announcement of my imminent resignation. Fortunately Rafael has always had the fixed custom of going home for his meals, so he will not miss our company at lunch.”

Elektra looked up at her fellow Senators and Lords.  “Gentlepeople,” she announced, “we have a positive surprise, and with your indulgence ask a suspension of Rule Ten for one person who would deservedly be welcome.  I shall say whom, so soon as a certain piece of information becomes public.  Until then, let me eat.”   To her great surprise, she was allowed to finish her meal in peace.

Daphne passed Elektra a slip of paper.   “News chyrons: Speaker D’Angelo resigns.  Nominates Parlegrecco to succeed him.”

“My Rule Ten request,” Elecktra said.

“I handled the other call.  Senator Whitecloth,” Daphne said.  “He observed wistfully that he was on the verge of uncovering this scandal, but he would have failed, because the outcome was too insane. Who could believe seventy nerps were on Stellite payrolls?”

“ But he did uncover one of the Bulger cash transfers,” Elektra said.  “We should be sure he is remembered for that.”

“He indicated that the remaining NatRen Senators, or most of them, will follow him in supporting you, at least short term,” Daphne said.  “They will insist that the National Front be recognized as the Lead Opposition.  Friedrich TerHorst’s National Front has more Senators and Lords than anyone else, especially since a faction of the NatRens will be switching allegiances.”

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