Anglic Union

“And what is your issue, Friedrich?” Elektra asked.

“We have several common platform planks,” TerHorst answered.  “One is enforcing the Import Restriction Act.  Another is launching a chain of National Technical Universities.  I suspect you can name more off the top of your head.  A government that supported those – those are your planks – is one we would be happy to see established.  And not vote against.”

“Of course, this is not a bargain,” Elektra said.

“But of course,” TerHorst answered.

“And we would be delighted to have positive support in this crisis.”  Elektra waited for a response,  but none came.  “However, the Import Restriction Act just become mostly self-enforcing, given the nonsense the Stellites are pulling.  I am very strongly in favor of NTUs, except that hiding in Education is a suppressed white paper – I just found out; there was a scandal —  asking how many of these we can currently staff with top-line people.  Apparently they have to be big to be good.  The answer appears to be ‘one’, though I would certainly welcome more.  I will be insisting on at least one.  I’ll see that the paper is released.  I will try to see that you get an advance copy. Finally, we need a Space Guard repair facility, and I see no alternative to asking Doctor Chelan’s crew to set it up.”

“I strongly dislike the fellow,” TerHorst said, “but I agree that he is the only real choice, and can be trusted to deliver to the best of his decidedly considerably abilities.  I am happy to hear that your party is serious about advancing its policy proposals, and I expect that my fellow parliamentarians will also be supportive so long as your party acts on its planks.  Perhaps we have said too much already.”

“Friedrich, it is always interesting to talk with you, privately, though clearly we have made no bargains here,” Elektra responded.  “I fear, though, that I am exceedingly busy, but perhaps we might talk at another time.”

“Agreed.  I bid you adieu,”  TerHorst said.  He cut the connection.

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