Anglic Union

“Very well,” she answered.

Grigsby escorted DeWitt down the ball to another conference room.  “I believe you’ve met Senator Hughes,” he said.  He passed her through the door and closed it behind her.

“Aston,” Elektra said.  “It actually is a surprise to see you.”

“Elektra, I wish that would be your largest surprise,” he answered.  “And apologies if I appear drowsy, but I have not slept since yesterday.  However, I and my staff have made a discovery that bears on your motion.  And makes it all the more important that it pass.”

Elektra’s eyes widened.  “Coming from one of the most important members of the National Renaissance Party, that is indeed a surprise.  What did you catch him doing?”

“First, you quoted all those letters from Parker,” Hughes said quietly, “the ones that went to Drummond’s private account, reporting on what the Imperials were actually doing, with him cheering them on. You didn’t mention the letters in the ‘Sweet Cherry Preserves Recipes’ file.  Did you know about them?”

“Yes. I’m surprised you’re telling me,” she answered.  “They were well hidden.  Hopefully Drummond-McLaren does not realize that we know, not that I can imagine what he could do to respond.”

“I declined to join his team preparing his defense,” Hughes said.  “Officially, I indicated that something in my dinner had disagreed with me, and I would be going home. Actually I went home the make a secure video call to a mutual acquaintance of ours.  And then my staff and I started reading financial records.”

“You are a brave man, Aston.  What did you find?”  Elektra smiled.

“Very complicated financial transactions involving Bulger under the prior management.”  He shook his head, took a moment to look out the window, and continued.  “Did you ever wonder how Cedric could raise the money for those lavish campaigns of his?”

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