Anglic Union

“I see,” Elektra said to her escorts, “word of the Question Period has preceded me.”

“Network video news bulletins,” Grigsby answered.  “And internet. The Newer York Rising Sun headline is ‘Dewitt Accuses Drummond-McLaren of Treason’.”

“I don’t believe I used that particular word,” DeWitt said, “though the Preservation of the Union Act, now that I think of it, can be read that way.” They passed down a corridor.  “Gentlemen,” DeWitt said, “please do not take personally any criticisms I receive here.”

“No, ma’am,” Grigsby answered, “indeed, I was here for the Farnham removal. That got a bit vigorous.”

They opened the private room’s door.  Waiting within was the NUP’s entire Executive  Committee.

“Elektra!”  Ricardo Sanchez shouted. 

The Committee broke into song.

“For she’s a jolly good fellow,

For she’s a jolly good fellow!

She kicked him in the…”  The next word was obscured by the meeting gong.

And booted him through the walls!

For she’s a jolly good fellow,

For she’s a jolly good fellow!”

A standing ovation was followed by shouts “Speech! Speech!”

“Gentlemen, Ladies, Friends, let us be seated and eat!” she announced. “And let us consider how we may advance our Party, founded to protec t our Union from the folks who wanted us to join the Stellar Republic.  By the way, did someone identify the woman who tried to kidnap me?”

“Being worked on,” Alan Foster said. “One of Cedric’s appointees.  Your minicam got a fine record of that bit.”

“Our cabinet officers, such of them as there are?” Elektra asked.

“Only Daphne Mueller heard the fireworks,” Alan answered, his bushy eyebrows twitching,  “and that by accident.  She’s been on the horn since, contacting the others.  I offered to help; she said had to be done at her level, and I’m an ordinary member of the Popular House.  She said she wanted to read all the messages, but that  a mass resignation from the Cabinet seemed appropriate.”

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