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“Reactionary despicables?” Cedric began.  “The Seldon Legion.  Their secret masters.  American Nationalists. Scots Sheepherders. Canadian Woodsmen.  I could go on for some time.  Idiots who refuse to recognize that our only future is to become a small part of a greater whole within the Stellar Republic.”

The Speaker gestured with his gavel at De Witt, and mouthed ‘follow-on?’  Elektra smiled at him and mouthed ‘patience’.  The Speaker’s grin was very broad.  Drummond-McLaren launched into an extended series of misquotations, each proving at least to him the ignorant depravity of the reactionary despicables.

“Move to recess!  Move to recess!”  The shouts came from Cedric’s supporters and friends.

“No,” D’Angelo said. “Lady DeWitt still has the floor for her follow-on question.”  Drummond-McLaren was now surrounded by friends urging him to stop talking.

“Actually, Mister Speaker, I am still waiting for the Honorable First Minister to explain whom was meant by the phrase ‘actual advisors’.  However, Mister Speaker, I should ask if it is currently in order for me to say that I have no confidence in this government,” DeWitt said.

“Such a statement is almost always in order,” Speaker D’Angelo responded.

“In that case, Mister Speaker, I wish to state that I have no confidence in this government,” De Witt said.

She was greeted with dead silence from the chamber.

“A debate and vote are needful,” the Speaker said.  “The Rules of Order of this House prescribe a sequence.   As other honorable members would like to read all these papers, including this large body of Stellar legislation, which I see has been signed into law, I suggest the opening of the afternoon sitting – would three days hence be enough?”

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