Of Breaking Waves — continued

We are still in Chapter 1. Eclipse has returned to a place that is not quite our Earth, a place that she recently saved from the invincible Star Demons..

By now Comet and friends, the four of them, would be back home.  They would be enjoying the benefit that I would not, if I ever got home.  Star and Aurora would be re-united with their parents, Morgana and if need be the Speaker would ensure that Comet was safely housed near her new school, Cloud would see his mother and father, something that I … I groaned with pain.  Mum had warned me that overcoming a memory block, all the missing memories coming back at once, was agonizing, because the memories struck from within with absolutely no warning.  No surprise.  She was right. 

For a few moments I was seeing double, with blank areas where the eye actually does not see anything.  I closed my eyes, waited, and things were back to normal.  Normal, except I knew what the mind control had done.  All my life, I had been unable to think about the possibility that I had a father as well as a mother.  Any time someone made a reference to my dad, about whom I know nothing, the words were papered over, so that I simply did not hear them, and was not aware that I was not hearing them.  Mum never spoke a word that would trigger the mind control.  More recently, now that I thought about it, Aurora had noticed that I could not hearing certain questions, and steered people away from asking further. 

But why the control?  It was one more oddity in my past.  Of course, if I wanted to court death to find the answer, I had but to fly to Mars and ask the Wizard of Mars.  I’ve tried a quite adequate number of suicidal stunts in my life, thank you, including flying to the starcore, treading the Maze, and taking three star demons single-handedly, but I had a good reason for doing them.  Asking the Wizard of Mars a question is just as suicidal, because his price is very high, but the reward sounded too limited.

Perhaps, I thought, I should worry about more practical matters.  Lunch came immediately to mind.

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