Of Breaking Waves

“I’m Eclipse,” I answered, “But that’s a name, not a meme.  I think.” Or was it?  This place was much more real than it had been, before I died.  Or whatever I’d just done.

“You eclipsed Solara, as your garb promised,” Life’s End answered.  “You eclipsed the three memetic monsters. But…” She put a hand out.  There was a barrier between us, not a force field, not something I was doing, that kept her from touching me.  “…you do not share my meme.  You’re alive. And you’re here.  That’s  unusual.  Very unusual.  I shall have to ask The Needed Answer to explain.”

“I seem to be here,” I answered.  “The Well closed.  Do I wait for it to open, or is there another way home for me?”

“Do you have a need to return?” Duty asked.  “Most people who come here find they are happy to stay.”

About George Phillies

science fiction author -- researcher in polymer dynamics -- collector of board wargames -- President, National Fantasy Fan Federation
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