Of Breaking Waves

Paragraph 5

Without thinking, I checked my Medico rules engine.  The dead-black glyphs were now pure white.   I wasn’t  dead any more.  Somehow my body had returned.  Medico reported that since then I’d had chills to the edge of having convulsions.  I’d pushed way too deep into my gifts, which I surely already knew.  I hadn’t torn any muscles or shredded any ligaments, but I’d come fairly close.  That was the bad part of bodybuilding. If I had muscle spasms, I could seriously wreck myself up.  The matching good part from all that weight lifting was that I had all those muscles, so I hadn’t dropped into hypothermia and died after reaching here. 

About George Phillies

science fiction author -- researcher in polymer dynamics -- collector of board wargames -- President, National Fantasy Fan Federation
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