Practical Exercise

Junior Professor Elise Merrihugh had been the speaker.  She had gotten in more time speaking than her critics and supporters, but not by a lot.  “Really, I only followed bits of it. The partial diagrams for cloth colors; I’ve used a couple of those for paper.  They went up on the screen pretty fast.  The whole clock arithmetic part? And the shouted ‘other colors’? I’d have to find their diagrams.  The one supposed counterexample I recognized…it goes with a different base, a different rest of the diagram. I didn’t follow that at all.”

“There is, well, was, a program – a piece of department – on clock arithmetic,” Ron said. “There are a bunch of books on it.  They’re hidden in the Esoterica shelves.”

“Library top floor?” I said.

“You found it!  How!  Remember, ‘esoterica’ is mostly crackpot nonsense,” Ron added.  “But there’s some good stuff in there.  How did you find it?”

I’s actually only heard where it was, but no matt

er. I launched into a discussion of my map-making of the library. Several nearby conversations stopped.

“You should join us in the Library Reform Society,” a fellow at the far end of the table said, loud enough that I heard him clearly.  He was rewarded with several dirty looks, and several approving nods.

“So is there any way to recover the diagrams that went up during lecture?” I asked.

“Professor Merrihugh’s actual lecture,” Demetry said, “the pictures, at least, will be posted outside her office.  Wherever that is.  Faculty offices are mostly hard to find.  On purpose.   Each class will give you a finder spell.”

I pointed at the fellow at the end of the table. “After?” I asked.  He nodded.

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