Practical Exercise

“That’s all in Kwober’s Guide – oh, wait, you won’t get that until the afternoon mail.” Tad shook his head. “Maps of campus and town, all sorts of things.  There are indeed running fields, dressing rooms for the beaches, though most people just put on sandals and swimming togs and carry a towel, weight rooms, no-credit classes, clubs,…”

“Kwober’s Guide…OK, I’ll wait for it. I’m fond of an early-morning run or swim, weather permitting.” 

Theo gave me a thumbs up.  “Most of us run or swim, after classes and before dinner, several days a week.  Care to join us?”

“I can try.  You all have a foot or more height on me, though, so keeping up is likely a fail,” I said.  Except for Theo, they were all clearly beginning to relax their unaging spells, at least enough to grow into adult height.  Tad nodded agreeably.   “And practice fields for high-intensity spellcasting?”

“Also in Kwobers,” Tad answered.  “Kwobers tells everything.  But if you like swimming, this is the best season.”

“You’ll do this barbecue next weekend?” I asked.

“Happy to have you here,” Tad said.  “Every Oneday.  We’d do more, but classwork.  Also, none of us are great cooks.  Your cheese was a true find.”  I told myself that next time I should bring something more substantial.

Barlow Table …. Empty

That afternoon the promised Kwober’s guide appeared in my mail slot.  It was early for dinner, and I was tired of casting cleaning spells, all of which demand physical muscle work, though it appeared I was almost done.  I unfolded my recliner chair, set it out on the balcony outside my study, and curled up reading.  There was a distinct sea breeze.  I was above the heat inversion over the beaches, so I felt the brisk air from the distant ocean.  OK, that’s what housecoats are for.  Besides, I’d made a mug of mate, whose warmth felt good in my stomach. 

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