The N3F Review of Books

I also edit four SF fanzines. The draft table of contents of The N3F Review of Books incorporating Prose Bono was just created:

Draft contents for next N3F Review of Books…More reviews welcome


A Pale Dawn Book Eight of The Omega War By Chris Kennedy & Mark Wandrey
Review by Pat Patterson

Battletech: The Nellus Academy Incident by Jennifer Brozek eview by Jim McCoy

The Borrowed World Series by Franklin Horton Review by Jim McCoy

Chasing Freedom by Marina Fontaine Review by Declan Finn

Directorate School by Pam Uphoff Review by Jim McCoy

Do No Harm by Robert E. Hampson, Chris Kennedy, and Sandra L. Medlock Review by Pat Patterson

Farmer in the Sky by Robert Heinlein Review by Chris Nuttall

Kingdoms of Iron and Stone Edited by Ellen Campbell Review by Pat Patterson

Lay of the Legionnaire by Chris Sommerkorn Review by Pat Patterson

Operation Flash, Episode 1: Knight’s Gambit Accepted by Nitay Arbel Review by Pat Patterson

Pirates of the Electromagnetic Waves Review by Rob Kroese

The Powers of the Earth Review by Rob Kroese

Torchship by Karl Gallagher Review by Declan Finn

Treasure Planet by Hal Colebatch and Jessica Q. Fox Review by Pat Patterson

The Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin Review by Declan Finn

4HU: Alpha Contracts by Chris Kennedy and Mark Wandrey

Prose Bono

Wright’s Writing Corner: The Logic of Character Revisited
L. Jagi Lamplighter
Star Trek, Respectable Characters and What Makes a Story Worth Reading
By Jim McCoy
An Interview with Roy Griffis by Tamara Wilhite
An Interview with Richard Paolinelli, Author of “Galen’s Way”

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