Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to All!

For this year, progress is being made on:

Stand Against the Light (Eclipse 3)

Of Breaking Waves (Eclipse 4)

Anglic Union Astrographic Service

The Merchant Adventurers

Of these, Eclipse 3 and 4 interleave a bit, in that the end of Eclipse 3 happens after the beginning of Eclipse 4, so I get to work on both of them. Not quite at the end of Eclipse 3, she suffers the inconvenience of dying, but she is backby the end of the book. (That’s an antispoiler. I conclude that readers would prefer to keep reading if they know in advance that she avoids certain negative medical issues, such as having her body turned to incandescent plasma.) (Yes, I loaded a shotgun way back at the start of book 1: Eclipse-The Girl Who Saved the World.)

I recently became President of AHIKS, the Avalon Hill International Kriegspiel Society. I have been busy getting some changes made, but that is slowing down.

This weekend I also have a different writing/editing effort, namely generating an issue of Tightbeam (N3F Zine, founded 1959).

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