Status of Writing Projects

I retired to write and am writing.

First, two of my books are on sale:
Mistress of the Waves — now $1.00
Designing Wargames – Introduction — now $1.50

Then the writing projects:

Physics One Last week I finished a pass through the physics text adding the footnotes and other moderate corrections. I have now started the final proofreading pass. In the last three months I have also added 30,000 words to some of the novels I have been working on.

I have had the thought of taking the novel fragments and publishing many of them as a short story collection “Distant Worlds Seen from Afar”.

The current summary (July is July 15, 2020)

Physics books: The physics text is at 420 pages in LaTeX Book/8.5×11″ page format. That’s 270,400 LaTeX words + 175 or so figures — It needs one more proofreading pass, at least. I started writing in mid-September 2019. If a figure is a thousand words, that’s 475,000 words in ten months.

Writing review article in my technical area 80,000 LaTeX words–no change


The Eclipse series

The short story I sold to Chris Nuttall and Jagi Lamplighter for Fantastic Schools Volume 1 has been published.

Changes over the past three months:

Practical Exercise (Adara’s Tale) and Academician (Adara Volume 2) are jointly at 29135+33760 = 62900 words, a gain of 10,600 words

Indian Summer now at 23385 words, a gain of 16,485 words

Merchant Adventurers: Now at 43795 words, a gain of 3000 words.

No change in the following:

Stand against the Light is at 80,792 words Eclipse smites another doom or dies trying.

Of Breaking Waves is at 38,000 words Against Eclipse, even Death may die.

Invasion Now 7300 words

Invasion Tibet (so to speak Buck Rogers prequel) Now at 39,200 words

Invasion Now at 7643 words Aliens vs. Sci-Fi Writer Gun Fanatics

The Eddorian Lensman total 15686 words (serial numbers to be filed off) space opera

DisUnion total 15,834 words (after partition of US; NH/VT capture a flying saucer)

Hold High The Banner total 6121 words (ChiComm platoon of 1940 enters not-D&D world, launches liberation struggle for the exploited small giant class species)

No Tears for a Princess total 88, 647 words classic fantasy with swords and magicians

The Gathering Storm 7000 words Remote Sequel to Mistress of the Waves.

sequel to Against Three Lands 10775 words, No change
sequel to Minutegirls 172 words
sequel to Mistress of the Waves
sequel to The One World.

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