As I have mentioned, I am writing a new freshman physics textbook. I am now doing the second editing pass, finding a modest number of corrections on some pages, adding bits and pieces, and so forth. At 15 or 20 pages a day, I have at least the rest of the month ahead of me.

I am advancing on Adara’s Tale, which is the next two or so books of the Eclipse series, this being Adara Triskittenion at what we would call advanced undergrad/grad school.  The two Volumes are Practical Exercise — Adara in courses and research — and a deadly feud — until she announces the solution to Ettore’s Paradox — and Academician, her academic title until she flees for her life and ends up on a world much like ours.

The current line edit is annoyingly slow, but it must be done.  Then there is the matter of constructing an index.

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