Progress, April 29 2020

I have in progress two large physics volumes and a batch of novels. The two physics volumes are

Physics, A Novel Introductory Course, a freshman mechanics book that is actually calculus-based. Calculus-based freshman mechanics is required by some engineering accrediting services, but these services appear to be a tad bit gullible as to whether or not courses are actually calculus-based.  The other selling point will be that the paperback is expected to be $20 or so, not $300.  I hope to finish that book by this fall; I started last September. I started last September, and am at around a quarter-million LaTeX words and some hundreds of Figures.

An untitled review volume on computer simulations of polymer dynamics in liquids and the melt, mostly the melt.  At the moment I have over 700 references and 80,000 words completed, meaning that writing has just started.

There are also physics research projects that are waiting for the first of these books to finish.

The batch of novels are:

Last year I finished Eclipse: The Girl Who Saved the World and Airy Castles All Ablaze.

Chris Nuttall and Jagi Lamplighter asked me for a short story for their Fantastic Schools anthology, to be out soon, and I obliged.  “Practical Exercise” is being expanded into two or three novels.  They are at 55,898 words.

The nest two Eclipse novels are Stand Against the Light and Of Breaking Waves. Stand Against the Light is at 80,700 words; Eclipse smites another doom and dies trying.  Of Breaking Waves is at 38,000 words; Against Eclipse, even Death may die.

Indian Summer — a galactic empire and a nonviolent challenger — is at  7065 words.

Invasion Now — they’re landing in Wyoming and around the globe, destroying everything in their path, and they do not have spaceships.

The  Merchant Adventurers — rise of a trading empire — Now at 43795 words.

Invasion Tibet (so to speak Buck Rogers prequel) Now at 39,200 words.

The not-Eddorian not-Lensman (serial numbers to be filed off) total 15686 words — filed off) space opera.

Hold High The Banner total 6121 words (ChiComm platoon of 1940 enters not-D&D world, launches liberation struggle for the exploited small giant class species).

DisUnion total 15,834 words (after partition of US; NH/VT capture a flying saucer).

No Tears for a Princess total 88,647 words classic fantasy with swords, magicians, and spaceships.

The Gathering Storm 7000 words.

sequel to Against Three Lands 10775 words.

sequel to Minutegirls 172 words.

sequel to The One World.

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